Giving; Children; Deed; Gain and Loss


  • It’s better to give than receive. * It’s more blessed to give than receive. # Bolje je deliti nego prositi.
  • Fear the Greeks, even when they bring gifts! * Beware of Greeks bearing gifts! # Bolje je deliti nego prositi.
  • He gives twice who gives quickly. # Dvostruko daje ko brzo daje.
  • He learned timely to beg that could not say ‘Nay’. # Ko mnogo deli, skoro će prositi.
  • What we spent we had; what we gave we have; what we left we lost. # Što sam potrošio to sam imao; što sam poklonio, to imam.
  • Give a thing a take a thing, to wear the devil’s gold ring. # Uzimao davao, sa mačkama spavao.


  • The stick is the surest peacemaker. * Spare the rod and spoil the child. # Batina je iz raja izašla.
  • Children and fools speak the truth. # Deca, budale i pijani pravdu govore.
  • The sins of the fathers are visited upon the children. # Deca će ispaštati zbog grehova otaca.
  • Who has God for his friend has the saints in his pocket. * He whose father is a judge, goes safe to his trial. # Kome je Bog ujak, lako mu je biti svetac.
  • Boys will be men. # Od dece ljudi bivaju.


  • Actions speak louder than words. * Deeds are fruits, words are but leaves. # Delo govori. *Jače je delo nego beseda.
  • A crowing hen never lays eggs. * The greatest talkers are the least doers. # Koja kokoš mnogo kakoće, malo jaja nosi.
  • Easier said than done. # Lakše je reći nego učiniti.
  • Flow of words is not always flow of wisdom. # Mnogo zbora, a nikakva stvora.


  • One man’s loss is another man’s gain. # Jednom se smrklo, drugom svanulo.
  • The death of the wolves is the safety of the sheep. # Jedan se oteg’o, drugi se proteg’o.
  • What you lose on the swings, you gain on the roundabouts. # Jedan se oteg’o, drugi se proteg’o.
  • One man’s meat is another man’s poison. # Što jednoga goji, drugoga truje.
  • Every cloud has a sliver lining. # U svakom zlu ima i dobra.