Our methodology

Hello, my name is Neda and I want to tell you something about our approach to teaching English here at Tower Language.

Our teaching methodology is based on communication, meaning we only speak English in our lessons, and it applies to all levels, from beginners to advanced. We do our best to create a native-like atmosphere for our students so that they can overcome their fear of speaking a foreign language.

At first, this might be a little bit frustrating for them, but after two or three lessons, they get used to it and start copying their teacher when speaking. For example, when they don’t know how to express themselves or want to use a word they haven’t learnt yet, we encourage them to explain it by using the vocabulary they have already mastered. Let’s say that they are not familiar with the word ‘a waiter’ and they need to use it in a sentence, they would say – “You know, it’s a person who brings drinks in a restaurant, and so on.

Languages are very much connected to the way we feel or think. That is why our courses are entirely tailor-made, which allows our students to talk about things that interest them. This whole process helps them remember the newly introduced vocabulary and grammar structures easily. Whatever we learn during a lesson is automatically reinforced through personalised questions, sentences, and statements, which additionally helps our students memorise everything they have learnt. We also make sure to set engaging homework assignments to motivate them to study alone.

If you would like to experience the whole process and see what it looks like to learn English with us, we offer you one free lesson. For those of you who are already proficient at English, but are looking for some exercises to continue practising, feel free to book your free consultation here.

Thank you for listening. Have a good day.