The collaboration with Neda was based on English lessons that I attended via Skype. I quickly recommended Neda to many colleagues in and outside my company who had the need to improve English. Neda is my sincere recommendation for the following reasons:

She understands the needs of her students very well. Not only does she take her time to recognize one’s needs, Neda is flexible enough to adapt her methods of teaching, the content of the lessons and the approach to her students. She doesn’t apply the identical methods or topics during her lessons, but tries to individually approach everyone.

Has a broad understanding of business – an informed person who actively listens and tries to give each participant the knowledge that is most needed to them, through content that is closely related to a subject that is close to the participant.

Has a positive attitude with strong faith in everyone. Her approach teaching is such that it motivates the participants to try, give more and believe that they will reach the goal.

Funny – perfecting English can be fun, which Neda has proven through an open attitude, flexibility, diversity of topics, but also through the all the different types of homework she gave us.

Disciplined and decisive – adheres to her principles and does not allow the participant to give up out of fear or tension. She rigidly and decisively insists on the task / goal / rule but shows mentoring along the way.

Neda’s greatest strength is that she made me feel that my success is important, that she truly wants me to succeed in her intention to improve my English language skills. She put in time to find my weaknesses and fears, and a  lot of work in parallel to increase my knowledge and self-confidence.

I haven’t had English lessons for months, but I’ve been in situations when I needed it. There is no more blockade and fear, it is easier for me to decide to engage in any conversation in English, I make fewer mistakes, have a wider range of vocabulary, and I am using it more adequately than before.

Ivana Canic, Talent Manager, Nelt Group DOO

I was working on improving my English with Neda  for almost a year. I had lessons via Skype twice a week and it was a completely new experience for me. In the beginning, I was suspicious about studying English via Skype, but it appeared to be a very effective studying method. I was studying both, general and business English in order to earn a diploma for the advanced speaker of the English language.

The material that we used were user friendly and helpful in learning new idioms, words, phrases, grammar, etc. However, the most important motivator for studying was the teacher. The lessons with Neda were exclusively in English. She asked me so many questions in order to find out what I am interested in the most, and she used those specific topic I’m interested in for helping me develop my English language skills. Furthermore, she encouraged me to leave my comfort zone, and to start using phrases I hadn’t used before.

I can testify that Neda is a highly professional, reliable and skilled teacher with a great personality; As a matter of fact, she is one of the best people I have met recently.

—Milenko Ribic, Finance Manager, Nelt Co DOO

Neda is simply a great, excellent educator and a good person too. We all know how classes can be little dull, but with Neda it’s totally the opposite. I had a great time during classes, and I blame Neda’s perfect teaching skills for that. She can really reach people. If you want to be great in English, Neda is someone whom you can count on.

— Igor Ujdur, Architect, Belgrade, Serbia

Neda has been a wonderful teacher and a dear friend to me during the past nine years. Together we have pursued incredible paths in search for knowledge, and I have enjoyed every step of this way. Today, English has become a crucial part in my everyday professional and personal life. As a young aspiring architect and a PhD student, I am successfully collaborating with colleagues, scientists and friends from all around the world. I would highly recommend Tower Language to anyone who is looking for a challenging and inspirational school with a lovely and extremely devoted teacher. This choice will surely lead you to gaining profound knowledge of English language, and if you are as lucky as I was, you will make a friend for life along the way.

—  Andjela Karabasevic , Architect, Belgrade, Serbia

    In a struggle with the English language, Neda is my General. Decisive. Methodical. She didn’t use her firm knowledge to make me defeat the opponent. On the contrary, she has used it to show me how to embrace it and understand it. There are no quick tactics. No short-cuts. Her creativity led me to realize the infinity of the struggle I got myself into and how wealthier I become by taking every next step. So I would suggest you start building your endless Tower Language one brick at the time, and highly recommend my General if you have any trouble laying down the foundation.

—  Milica Tasic, Architect, Belgrade, Serbia

As a current student at Tower Language school I am absolutely delighted by my lessons and the whole experience that this school offers. I’ve been in a process of CPE Exam preparation already for a few months and since then my spoken and my written skills in English, which I am using both in my professional and everyday life got significantly improved.
I would recommend Neda as an inspiring and highly devoted teacher, who will smoothly lead you through your English course. Learning with Neda seems effortless and joyful. In an amusing and casual but yet constructive atmosphere through interesting conversations you will learn a lot about English language and variety of other topics as well.
Anyway I think I can’t write recommendation which would tell more than the fact that every time I finish with the lesson I look forward to attending the next one.

 — Mirjana Jesic, Architect, Belgrade, Serbia

It has been an absolute pleasure to work and study with Neda. She is one of a kind, first class teacher with outstanding teaching methods. Neda’s dedication and commitment to what she does makes her the best. With her help, I achieved high overall IELTS score. I strongly recommend Neda for anyone who wants to learn English.

— Igor Grebenarovic, Electrical Engineer, Belgrade, Serbia

Neda is a teacher who deserves full and complete recommendation. She has a unique and very successful way of teaching and her methods always give results. Whilst being guided through a specific English program, you will be talking to an understanding friend. Neda is a master of creating a special atmosphere. While I talk about my favourite topics I unknowingly learn new phrases and adopt grammar rules. If you have a need for English lessons – don’t hesitate . Call Neda and pray that she is available for classes.

— Nenad Nesic, Web designer, Belgrade, Serbia

I started working with Neda about a year ago. My English skills were good but not good enough to do my PhD abroad. Within 3 months of preparations I learned a lot, but what’s more important she thought me how to study any language by myself. She is really fantastic, her teaching techniques are completely different than to any other teacher I have met. Relaxing and interesting lessons gave me a motivation to fight with all language difficulties.
Now, I passed all Skype interviews and I am moving to USA to do my PhD. I highly recommend Neda for any of English tests preparation.

— Milos Jesic, Electrical Engineer, Belgrade, Serbia

Neda’s lectures were tremendously helpful and also very fun.  Her approach is tailored for every student and she brings a lot of energy to the class.

She gave me a lot of constructive feedback, by meticulously writing down my mistakes and later explaining them to me. My weakest point was speaking, but time spent with Neda helped me build confidence and so I improved my speaking skills. The knowledge and motivation that I gained through several months of classes have been crucial for me to pass TOEFL. I scored enough points to enroll to PhD program that I wanted. I’m sincerely thankful! “

—  Janko Celickovic,  Electrical Engineer, PhD student, University of Colorado Boulder, USA