Successfully completed English language courses in LUKOWA

For three years in a row now, Tower Language has had the great honour to have been holding English language courses at one of the most successful international companies LUKOWA GROUP, which is a food, technology, and real estate conglomerate. With uncompromising speed and efficiency, they deliver superior products and highly reliable services to marketā€leading clients and partners worldwide.

It is my privilege to announce that this year we finally had an opportunity to celebrate their achievements over the past three years. All the students successfully completed the following levels: elementary, intermediate, upper-intermediate and advanced levels. We worked on General and Business English skills, and after three years of persistent work, all of them managed to pass their final exams and obtained their well-deserved diplomas of achievement.

Despite having to deal with short deadlines, challenging projects, and private obligations, all students regularly did their homework and worked tirelessly on their presentations, reports and writing assignments. They also had a lot of fun practising their speaking skills through role-play simulations where they had to deal with various situations, such as conflict resolution, self-introduction at conferences, solving disagreements, establishing a good rapport with new clients, conference calls, etc.

Not only did the students improve their English language skills in the past eight months, but they have also strengthened their team relationships, and gained mutual understanding and other soft skills that help create new, young leaders. Tower Language congratulates them and is extremely proud to have been a part of their development. We thank them for their effort, dedication and consistent participation and promise them that we will do our best to help them reach the excellence the company is striving for.