Learn languages via Skype – Special Offer Ends on 15 April

You have heard about Skype lessons before, right? Just got back from work, had some lunch and sitting down in your favourite chair waiting for the call. And the message arrives: “Ćao, možemo li da počnemo?”

You often spend time with foreigners. And you understand most of the things they say. They speak about the pyramids, music, relationships, sports and other cool stuff you know so much about. But you can’t say anything. You see yourself ordering some alcohol to help you relax. Perhaps then some words might come..

But when you learn a new language via Skype, you simply have to speak. Our teachers speak only in the language you would like to learn, and we are talking about individual lessons here, which are specially designed for you, and you alone!

You get your books via email, do your homework in your free time, and speak during a lesson. A teacher keeps notes on your Skype window so that you can refer back to the lessons you had before. Sometimes you can copy some vocabulary into your notebook. The point is, you get to speak a lot during the lesson, which is exactly what you should be doing. Yeah. You finally get to speak!

Hurry! 15% discount expires on 15 April!

3 months, 24 lessons = 26 000 dinars,

2 for 1 = learn with a friend and save 11 000 dinars

Book your free trial lesson today. You have nothing to lose. Chat for a while about interesting things, just please let us know which language you are interested in. 🙂