Negotiating – Business Communication Skills

Key expressions

Stating the position

  • We are in a very difficult situation.
  • We have reached the point where we have no other option than to …
  • This is beyond our control.
  • We are stuck with this situation.

Initiating a negotiation

  • Could you make do with …?
  • What would you say to doing …?
  • Would you consider …?

Showing a willingness to negotiate

  • Let’s try to find a way round this.
  • That’s not out of the question.
  • I’d be willing to …

Being unwilling to negotiate

  • I have to say no to …
  • That’s out of the question.
  • I’m afraid it is just not possible.
  • I refuse to budge on this.
  • I have to stay firm on this.
  • We can’t possibly …

Agreeing on a solution

  • Are we all agreed?
  • I’ll go along with …
  • That sounds feasible.

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