About in-company classes

Our language courses for private and in-company classes take into consideration the needs and objectives of all our students. These foreign language programmes combine elements of a language for effective communication – foreign language lessons for general purposes – with material designed to meet the students’ needs in their specific area of interest: tourism, hospitality services, international relations, financial services, sales, architecture, human resources, banking, etc.

Programme and our learning approach:

  • We work specifically with small groups of four to eight students at a time, which gives them the opportunity to actively participate and express themselves freely. Small groups provide excellent atmosphere in which a teacher can equally be attentive to each student;
  • We do not translate anything into Serbian during our lessons;
  • You will mostly be speaking, while reading and writing part will be done at home;
  • Grammar is learned through conversation and communication;
  • All the material which is necessary for your course will be provided by the school;
  • Constant e-learning support. During your course, you will regularly be supported via email, getting additional exercises, material and advice.

In-Company classes are held at your company’s premisses. Tower Language offers free initial assessment to gauge your needs and goals as well as the end-of-the-term oral and written evaluations and reports.