Safe haven

One of the places you must see this season is Safe Haven.

Location: Unknown (It could be in another galaxy, on a different planet, your favourite beach or a mountain. It all depends on your imagination and preferences.)

Population: Unknown (You could run into Nikola Tesla, Bruce Lee, David Bowie, angels and other creatures with or without wings, your friends and people you love. You get to choose who you hang out with.)

Animal kingdom: Unknown (Dragons, unicorns, gorillas, all wild and domesticated animals. It really depends on which animals you would love to encounter.)

Accommodation: Unknown (We have houses, villas, cottages, caves, submarines, space shuttles, all existing and non-existing architectural creations, and everything else you can possibly think of. It all depends on your preferences.)

Free time activities: Flying, running, swimming, sleeping, telepathic communication with animals, a nice chat with a dragon, dinner with all the people you would like to spend time with, diving, sailing, skiing, swimming with dolphins, etc. You just tell us what you would like to do and we will make it happen. Bear in mind that we have a wand and everything is possible.)

Budget: Everything is all inclusive and free of charge.

Insurance policy: Not needed. This place is called Safe Haven.

How to get there: Close your eyes and wait for three seconds.

Have a great time. 🙂