Bliss, or absolute happiness

This year I was given the opportunity to translate a book from Serbian into English. And not just any book. The title is “Bliss, or absolute happiness“, so you can imagine what a profoundly uplifting project with a content such as this can be. I very much enjoyed reading and translating every single sentence. What is happiness for me? 150 pages and 30 000 carefully chosen words. 🙂

Here are some words about happiness extracted from the book:

” Happiness exists in an egoless state.

An egoless state is one of complete integration, full self-knowledge, omnipresent interconnectedness, internal harmony, and freedom.

The key to happiness lies in overcoming the restraints of individual identification.

Our true identity transcends space and time, as well as cause and effect. Bliss and happiness are achieved by finding our true identity.

Happiness is a personal discovery. We, ourselves, are the goal, path and proof. Nothing outside of us can make us happy – happiness must come from within.”