A totally doable bucket list

When teaching second conditional, I always ask my students the following question: “If you had one more year to live, what would you do?”

People usually come up with things which are pretty unrealistic at times, or one would have to have more money or time in order to make them possible. That is why I have adjusted mine for now.

  1. Float in the Dead Sea  OR the Adriatic Sea (it’s closer);
  2. Swim with dolphins  OR with ducks, swans and fishes in the Danube River;
  3. Bathe an elephant OR a stray dog ( you can feed it as well afterwards);
  4. Fly a helicopter OR go karting;
  5. Hug a gorilla OR a stray dog;
  6. Do the Inca trail to Machu Picchu OR climb Golija mountain in Serbia or Durmitor in Montenegro;
  7. Check out the pyramids OR  the newly discovered pyramid in Bosnia;
  8. Hear the cosmic silence of the Himalayas OR go to Tara Mountain and just listen;
  9. Adopt an orphan OR a stray animal;
  10. Volunteer for 6 months somewhere in Africa OR teach English pro bono from time to time;
  11. Write a book OR a letter to a friend;
  12. See the Victoria Falls OR go to Canyon Nevidio in Montenegro;
  13. Help your friends, family, and complete strangers;
  14. Laugh and make others laugh; and
  15. Love!