The only thing where I find my self-worth is in helping others.

I have just come back from my holiday. It was my first time in Hvar, Croatia. I went alone because I wanted to explore, feel completely free, lose and find myself again. So that’s what I did.

One morning I woke up and even though I was on this wonderful island, surrounded by lovely people,  I had a sudden feeling of sadness overcoming my whole being. No idea why. Nothing to be alarmed about, it happens to people often. Sad – happy – sad…a never-ending story really. However, on that particular day, the heavy feeling of not knowing my purpose , sort of, affected me, more than one would want on a nice day like that. And, dear Lord, I started asking myself all those boring questions, such as: “Why am I here? What is the importance of my life? Who am I…” Good God, if I had been in the presence of Dostoevsky himself, he wouldn’t have been able to provide all the answers. Anyway,…

Later that day I was stopped in the middle of nowhere by some Korean tourists who also got lost. But literally. They asked me for directions to their hotel, and since I can speak Croatian fluently, (Serbian and Croatian are the same, like American and British English, ha!), I realised it would be easier for me to ask people around where their hotel was, rather than let them struggle on their own. I thought it would be quicker. 🙂 Two hours later, when we finally found the place, they realised I was also a tourist and probably the reason why it had taken them so long to find it. That was the moment when the hard-core, healthy laughter started, but in the end, when it finally subsided, they gave me that meaningful look, the one which carries an important message, and in their broken English simply said: You….. give….. big…!

My life’s purpose? Really? Give….Help..! What a glorious day. The only  way to live. 🙂