Practice Makes Perfect!

Let’s learn dependent prepositions by using them in sentences. Here are some questions you can ask your students. Feel free to encourage them to respond in complete sentences, and therefore remember the target language.

  1. Is there anything you are preoccupied with at the moment?
  2. This “tale” nowadays is perhaps reminiscent of human sacrifice amongst the world population in the early 40s. Do you agree?
  3. Do you believe that everyone is treated equally, irrespective of race, religion and nationality?
  4. What are people exempt from at the moment, and you feel they really shouldn’t be? Should we likely to be held at least partially liable if any kind of misfortune does occur in circumstances such as these in 2020?
  5. In your opinion, are the people around you fully acquainted with the facts of what is happening in the world right now? Are you well acquainted with the classical literature? How much time do your employees need to get acquainted with the new regulations?
  6. Destroying the wicked and revealing the path of righteousness are inseparable from one another, just like back and front. Do you agree?
  7. Do you believe that decisions are always commensurate with the seriousness of a certain crime in our country?
  8. Have you ever come across a company which happened to be notorious for paying its bills late?
  9. Do you think that addicts are notorious for their ability to deceive themselves about the extent of their problem?
  10. Most newspaper articles seem to be devoid of substantial matter. Do you agree? How would you approach this issue if you were a journalist?
preoccupied with engrossed in thought, distracted
reminiscent ofreminding you of people or experiences in your past
irrespective ofwithout considering something
exempt fromallowed to ignore something such as a rule or
liable forlegally responsible for paying the cost of something
acquainted withfamiliar with sth, having read, seen or experienced it
inseparable fromincapable of being separated or disjoined
commensurate withcorresponding in size, extent, amount, or degree
notorious forfamous for something bad
devoid ofcompletely lacking in something