Other Ways to Say ‘Sorry’


I’m really/terribly/so sorry for being late. It won’t happen again.

Please excuse my late response.

I apologise for not calling earlier.

I’d like to apologise for not returning your call.

My apologies for the delay.

Please accept my apologies for the inconvenience.

I’m afraid I can’t help you.

Excuse me for interrupting.

Sorry about the mess. I didn’t have time to clear it up.

Forgive me for what I said earlier. I didn’t mean to hurt you.

I shouldn’t have said that. Don’t be mad at me.

I was wrong. Can you forgive me?

Pardon me for being so rude.

I regret to inform you that your application has been denied. (formal)

My fault. I beg your pardon. Pardon. My bad. Sorry.

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