Little, a little, few, a few

“Few” and “a few” are used with plural countable nouns.

The same rules apply to “little” and “a little”. Only, these are used with singular countable nouns.

Look at the examples bellow:

“Just a few honest words is all I need.” some, a small
She didn’t have but few moments on her own.
(She probably didn’t get any rest.) 🙁
not many/
almost none
She had a little time to rethink her life.
(Maybe, she managed to come up with some new ideas on what to do with the rest of her life.) 🙂
some, a small
They had little time to bury the hatchet.

(So they probably didn’t.) 🙁
not much/
A: Have you got any love left in your heart?
B: Yes, a little.

(There is still hope for this one.) 🙂
some, a small

A: Don’t you have any faith left?
B: No, very little.

(Should be worried about becoming sarcastic.) 🙁
not much/
none faith left.

Have a little faith. It just might save your life!