Kill – 7 Smart Idioms

Practically speaking…

  1. I am going to have to sit down, my feet are killing me. (to hurt)
  2. I heard he made a killing from selling doughnuts at the World Cup! (to make a load of money from something)
  3. …but don’t tell Sandra – she’d kill me if she knew what I’d done! (to be very angry about something)
  4. When I heard John wanted to become a singer I killed myself laughing – I mean, he’s tone deaf! (to laugh a lot about something)
  5. It won’t kill you to admit we targeted the wrong market with that advert. (used for saying that something is not as difficult or unpleasant as it seems)
  6. Ben asked Abi about her new job, but she didn’t get asked to second interview – it was a real conversation killer! (to stop something abruptly)
  7. The chairman of the board will be there tonight, so be sure you dress to kill! (to dress in extravagantly fancy or stylish clothes)

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