Keeping love alive

If I knew all the languages in the world, I am not sure I would be able to describe love in a satisfactory way. There have been many different attempts so far, but since we are so limited by our languages, any new offered description wouldn’t really do.

We all know what love is. Sooner or later everybody sees its light. And we simply know. It feels good, nurturing, expanding, alive, omnipresent, and so many other things that simply can not be listed here. When we feel it, we recognise our purpose and why we are here, born, alive and on this planet. Since love is a feeling and a state of being, it is hard to say what it needs in order to persist, carry on living as well as expand. That is why I will attempt to come up with things we can do to make it stronger.

If love were magically to transform into a plant, what would it need from us, humans, in order to survive and grow? Sunlight, water and a gentle touch. Of course, it depends on which plant we are talking about, but you get my point.

If love were a wild animal, it would need freedom, meaning us, humans, leaving it be in the way it knows best. If love were a domesticated animal, it would need to be regularly fed and given clean water, warm shelter, cuddles and our gentle presence every single day. If love were a tree, it would need sunlight, rain and when encountered, a huge hug. If love were a free-flowing river, it would need nothing from us whatsoever. We could only perhaps marvel at its existence.

If love were a human being, including ourselves, it would need recognition, to be seen, acknowledged and respected. It would need to be given the freedom to express its authenticity. If love took on the shape of a human in need, in addition to previously mentioned, it would need support, understanding, kindness, presence and help.

If we want to keep love alive, in no circumstances are we to withdraw water from the plant if we have it, throw rubbish in our beautiful rivers, cut all the magnificent trees, hurt and swear at the people we don’t know, and ignore one another in times of need. Otherwise, there will be nothing left to love. If we don’t get our act together, everything we love, including ourselves, will cease to exist along with that very feeling of love we value so much.

Love has given us everything. It’s time for us to do something for it in return!