11 Useful Idioms and Nouns Related to Money


1. inflation = the rise in the price of goods and services which result in a fall in the value of money:

People’s income has gone up, but inflation is high, so the cost of living has also risen.

2. can’t afford = not having enough money:

House prices are rising and many young people can’t afford to buy somewhere to live.

3. currency = the system of money that a country uses:

Our currency is unstable and exchange rates fluctuate a lot.

4. cost a fortune = be very expensive:

They’ve got a ten-bedroomed house. It must have cost a fortune.

5. spend money like water = in large quantities:

Jack’s broke again. I’m not surprised. He spends money like water.

6. it’s good value for money = its products or services are worth the price:

That restaurant has good food at a reasonable price. It’s good value for money.

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7. can’t make ends meet = can’t live on the money you have:

Their income doesn’t cover their basic expenses. They can’t make ends meet.

8. be in the red = have a negative bank balance:

I have an overdraft at the bank. I’m in the red.

9. tight-fisted = mean:

Do you think Mark will lend me the money? No way. He’s really tight-fisted.

10. have more money than sense = have a lot of money but not know how to spend it:

Dan has bought two sports cars. He’s got more money than sense.

11. living beyond their means = living a lifestyle which they can’t afford, i.e. spend more than you have:

They have a luxurious lifestyle which they can’t really afford. They are living beyond their means.

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